Pergola comes from the word "pergule" with the meaning fringe in Latin, and this word is "pergola" with the meaning canopy in Italian. Afterwards, it has become an universal word through Italian with the same expression in all languages over the world.

Thanks to Pergola awning system, the horizontal, twisted and roof openings can be closed with awning.

Pergola awning system can protect you from sun in as a sun curtain in summer with its special awning fabric, and from rain as a raincoat in rainy days with its retractable roof and waterproof awning fabric.

When you wish, you can convert your awning system to a retractable winter garden by surrounding your pergola awning system with glass. Thus, even during the winter months, you can enjoy the winter in your garden, terrace or balcony under the pergola awning as if in open field and unaffected with cold.



Pergola, Inc. architects always give particular importance visuality. Pergola develops products that add value to where it is installed. Pergola offers its users a visual feast with its finishing details used in columns and beams, hidden water discharge, dual rail system in single-beam used in wide openings.


The remote control used for Pergola motorized awning systems, provides ease of use and getting to on or off mode with its quiet operation without disturbing around.


Pergola, Inc. puts its products into use after rigorous tests against harsh conditions such as wind, snow load, breakage. The fabric used in Pergola motorized awning systems also have water tightness, not-spreading flame and easy to clean features


Pergola, Inc. engineers use recyclable products which minimize the damaging effects of the production to the environment, and continue their test work to accomplish this . Pergola, Inc. utilizes a special software program designed to minimize the wastage when developing its products.

Pergola Inc’s motorized awning systems products are in high demand from various countries. Our team has continuously developed itself with different applications made abroad. With Pergola’s worldwide international cooperations and projects, our executive team is well-positioned to accelerate our global momentum. Our long-lasting projects in many countries and different regions increase worldwide strength of Pergola. It has always been, and will always be, about worldwide quality. You can see all the projects where Pergola motorized awning system used in our references page.